Route No. 1 south I wearing all Denim

After our three great Days in San Fransisco, we started by a cloudy Monday and drove into a great sunny day. Our Plan was to drive from San Fransisco right on the coast all the way down to San Simeon where we booked a Motel for one night. I was so excited to see coast and to drive by the Big Sur which is one of the greatest parts of the Route 1, unfortunately there was a big storm a few month ago, therefore a big part of the street was closed. But still we could see a lot of the great landscape of the coast, as you can see below with a nice sunset right before we arrived San Simeon after a 325 miles drive.

For out first day I choose a really comfy Outfit, which was all Denim. A used boyfriend Jeans by H&M with my new Shirt by Levis, which I just bough a few days before our trip in Sale, and my new Shoes and Denim Jeans Jacket by Reserved. Therefore that it was a little chilly in the morning I was happy to have some medium warm jacket to put on, and even on the windy coast.

On our second day we started to see at the Elephant Seal Vista Point tones of Sea Elephants and Lions  just a few miles north of San Simeon at the beaches, it was crazy and cute at the same time. I’ve never seen sooOOO many of them, it was hilarious how they bumped there way through all the others… The next stop was much further in the south, the little Dutch Town Solvang, near Santa Barbara. You find lots of Dutch Bakeries, Restaurants and other nice attractions which reminds you of Holland and the Netherlands. Our last stop was Santa Barbara, which is the most expensive town in California with really nice beach houses and beaches. Our stop was just a quick one, because we had to drive a little further to the town Three Rivers, which is the Gateway to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park.

Enjoy xx Valla




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