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Finally I got my post about the first part of our West Coast road trip done. 🙂 Some of you saw already some pictures on my Instagram account. Now you get more to see.

We flew with KLM from Munich via Amsterdam to San Fransisco. The flight was really good, we had only one our in Amsterdam to wait until our connection to SF. As you can assume we had not much time between and we had to get from the one to the other side of the airport. 😀 But we made it.

We stayed in a really nice Hotel right by the water front and by the Ferry Building Marketplace, which was great, but we had no waterfront view though. ;( However, we stayed three days and four nights in SF and did the typically sightseeing stuff, below you get an summarize. We went everything by foot, except when I did the cable car pictures.

SF was lots of fun, even though we had only one day really good weather, it was the first day. On the others it was cloudy and one day it was raining as well.

On our first day we went along the waterfront, startet by the Ferry Building Marketplace, where we bought us some breakfast, up to the Marina district.  To my surprise, the Ferry Building has a Bakery in the building, Mariposa they sell only Gluten free. Therefore I had to buy all kind of stuff for myself. I though I’d be in paradise. 🙂

We made a stop at Pier 39/ Fishermans Wharf, from where you can see Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate Bridge. One highlight at the Pier 39 are the Sea Lions. At this time there were not that many, as in the summer month but it is great to see, even if there are only a few, anyways.

Afterwards we went further to the Fort Mason and then back into the city to the Lombard Street, which is known for the most crook street in the world. Up the street you have a great view in all directions, because you stay right on one of the hills.

By the end of the day, our muscles were sour because of all the up and downs, but I can really recommend you to do SF by foot, therefore you can see go where ever you want and see so much, which you wouldn’t see by Bus nor by Cable Car probably.

On our second day we went from our hotel to the financial district, further through china town back again to the Fisherman’s Wharf district where I found a gluten free Restaurant which serves Pancakes! It is one of my MUSTS, if I am here in the States I have to eat Pancakes. The best is a lot restaurants like in SF or like last year in Boston or NYC, serve gluten free meals. (For you who don’t know, I have a gluten intolerance, I eat only gluten free, it is not celiac but also bad.)

After our Breakfast we drove with the cable car, cause it was raining. We drove from the Fisherman’s Wharf right to Union Square, where you find all the typically stores to shop. 🙂 I only did a little bit of shopping, because we decided to visit the SF MOMA, which was great!

On our last day, we visited the cable car museum which was really interesting, you should definitely go there if you’ll be in SF, it is also for free. However, on the one side you can see the development through the years and how they work in the daily usage. Afterwards we strolled a little bit through the city and went through some districts in SF like Nob Hill,  North Beach (also little Italy) and Haight Ashbury, where the flower power movement basically emerged.

enjoy xx Valla

view from the plane
me, tired but happy and excited
our hotel room

Alcatraz Island
Golden Gate Bridge
Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf – can you see the sea lions? 😉
Golden Gate
Lombard Street

China Town
GF Pancakes :))


Street Art by Art Attacks


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