obsessed with C….

…Clinique, one of my favorite beauty brands!

Normally I’m using the 3-Step beauty care from Clinique. I’ve started some years ago and will never use anything else, except you give me another beauty brand which will be better for me and my skin. 😉
Well, it is not that I tried different brands within the last years, but my skin is always the best with Clinique.
I’ve a really difficult skin, the T-Zone is sometimes extremely oily, especially my forehead. It gets lots of pimple if I use the wrong products. So I have to be really careful what beauty products I’m using.
Below you find the 3-Phasen products, for all three skin types.


Last summer, when I traveled along the US east coast, I tried the Moisture Surge, which is fantastic! especially the All About Eyes cream and the overnight mask. The best, it lasts for a while.

When I am in the States, I always gets nuts, the products of Clinique are much cheaper compared to Germany, that makes me trying new products every time. 😀
This time I found the new produtcts of the Pep-Start Series, which I am testing right now. The result you’ll get later on….

See you soon 😉 xoxo Val